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ENT ROME consists of a multidisciplinary group that deals with diseases affecting the head and neck: odontologist, Maxillofacial, oculist, Neurologist, Internist, Oncologist, Otorinolaringoiatra, speech therapist.
Everything always evaluating the patient in a global environment and developing research topics of diseases of the head and neck.

• Medical experts
• All of the head and neck disease
• At the center of everything, the needs of our patients

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The specialized discipline that deals with the medical and surgical treatment of ear disorders, nose…
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Cosmetic Surgery

E’ a branch of plastic surgery aimed at improving the physical appearance. It is also defined cosmetic surgery…
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The maxillofacial surgery solves surgically traumatic pathologies of the massive facial skull.
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Deals with the prevention, diagnosis and medical and surgical treatment of diseases affecting the teeth, gums…
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Speech Therapy

E’ a branch of medicine that deals with the treatment and prevention of voice disorders…
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Eyelid surgery

Among the ocular adnexal, in addition to the lacrimal system, a prominent place is occupied by the upper and lower eyelids…
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Pain therapy

Pain therapy is often used especially during the last stages of a terminal illness but in reality…
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We deal with the diagnosis and treatment of respiratory tract diseases in its intrathoracic. The most frequent ...
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Plastic surgery

Plastic and plastic-reconstructive surgery, is a branch of surgery that aims to correct and repair defects…
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General surgery

General surgery, It is a surgical specialty that focuses on the organs of the abdominal cavity…
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A surgical branch of medicine that deals with operations on the brain and spine,
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Oncology is the specialized branch of medicine that involves the study and treatment…
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“expert, friendly doctors, I recommend it to everybody”

hector ( Latina)

“I was visited by Dr.. John Mancini for a breathing problem, and I quickly realized its professionalism and knowledge. I finally solved my problem. Thank you!”


“After years and years of visits, I finally solved my breathing problem…friendly and funny”

Flaminia (Torino)

“I came to Rome just for them, because I know Orl Rome for many years and I know how they work. I recommend everyone”

Orl Roma Academy

Orl Roma Academy offers excellent training to healthcare personnel and students to prepare them to face a constantly evolving market, placing the skills necessary for the use of latest generation tools and means at the service of professionals. To do this, the Academy makes use not only of highly qualified teachers, but also of professionals in the sector.

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